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Hello. How can

we help you?

Here are some of the common questions our clients ask us. If there is anything beyond these that you may want to ask, please feel free to contact us

1. I am not sure which type of bio should I choose?

We know choices can get tricky. If you are not sure which bio to choose, you can simply contact us        using the contact us form and we will be in touch with you.

2. Do you write bios for professionals around the world?

Yes, our service is global. Our service is used by entrepreneurs, coach, professionals and hustlers alike.                 

​3. Which languages are supported by Jot My Bio?

At present we write bios only in English.

4. Who will write my bio?

We are a team of professional writers, marketers and executives who have teamed up to provide error-        free service. Each of us have been cherry-picked based on our past experience which collectively sums    up to 40 years!


5. What makes Jot My Bio unique?

Jot My Bio experts learn about their clients through answers provided in the form and then create a unique bio to reflect individual personality. In the era of instant gratification, there are multiple template based businesses that provide you a cookie cutter bio - one that lacks personality and the right positioning. Every bio at Jot My Bio is handcrafted by experts that value individuals and information.


6. I have filled the form but not received my bio

Jot My Bio team holds itself to great standards and promises to deliver a delightful service within 48 hours after receiving a fully filled form. However, there may be times when multiple requests are in queue and in such instances, the team promises to inform you of the estimated turn around time.

7. I have more questions

Feel free to drop us a note using the contact us form.

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