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Let's Tell Your Story to make an impression

Individual Personal Bio

A fantastic LinkedIn Profile handcrafted for you that showcases your authentic personality.​

  • Ideal for ambitious individuals who care for their personal brand.

  • Popularly bought during job changes.


US $150

For Companies

LinkedIn Profiles for you and your team.

  • Best used by teams, start-ups and group bios.

  • Used by founder(s) to showcase their expertise.

  • Great for brand building for small business.

  • Ask discounts for 5 or more profiles.

Custom Pricing
Jot My Bio also offers handcrafted bios for keynote speaker or panelist introductions, expertise showcase for team presentations and 'About Me' page for professional websites.

Jot My Bio also supports student summary essays for college admissions, personal summary for visa applications and other such requirements. 

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